(ARA) – Ever wonder what your significant other is doing behind the shower curtain? Curious as to why women consistently take longer showers than men? Whether the toilet seat is left up or down or the toothpaste cap is left on or off — the differences between men and women’s bathroom habits are undeniable.

A recent “Behind the Shower Curtain” study by Water Pik Inc. took a peek at how men and women spend their time in the bathroom, what they value most about their behind-the-curtain experience and the nuances between each gender’s bathroom behaviors. Findings reveal that while a gender divide may exist — knowledge can be powerful when it comes to conquering bathroom discrepancies between men and women.


The survey’s steamiest findings include:


* If you thought women were notorious for using all the hot water — think again. On average, men shower only two minutes less than women (14 minutes for women vs. 12 minutes for men).


* While women use shower time to contemplate chores, problems and weight, men spend their shower time thinking about work, sex and day dreams.


* Although it takes two to tango — more men (66 percent) than women (55 percent) admit to showering with another adult for intimacy.


* Despite a growing number of female do-it-yourselfers, men are more than twice as likely as women to say they have personally changed a showerhead.


* While a relaxing soak in the tub was once in high demand — only one in 10 women and one in 20 men take baths more often than showers.


Sharing a bathroom with an opposite-gendered counterpart can frequently trigger pet-peeve overload. The survey found that toothpaste gobs in the sink ranks in the top two on the list of pet peeves for women, while hair in the drain ranks similarly high on the list of pet peeves for men.


While men and women spend plenty of time irritated with each other’s bathroom habits — it seems they can agree on one thing — low water pressure is the No. 1 bathroom pet peeve amongst both groups. Surprisingly, an overwhelming majority of both men and women also agree that they would rather pay bills than clean the shower.



Though it appears the bathroom gender divide is unavoidable, pet-peeve relief and shower bliss is within reach. Consider the following shower tips for a better behind-the-shower-curtain experience:


* For the men — Be sensitive to the slightly extended timing of your female counterpart’s showers — considering she shaves an average of 4.9 minutes per shower and spends more time contemplating her to-do list.


* For the women — Appreciate your male’s willingness to change the showerhead — but also keep in mind that changing a showerhead does not require a plumber and takes just minutes of your time.


* Get the water pressure you deserve — While it might not be so surprising that water pressure is the No. 1 concern in the shower, take time to explore the advanced water technology available today. For instance, the Waterpik brand showerhead line has advanced OptiFLOW technology which delivers up to 30 percent more water force — even in its low-flow options.


* Upgrade your bathroom for less — Take small steps with big impact — such as replacing a showerhead. With a vast array of showerheads, spanning traditional to contemporary design — changing your showerhead can instantly transform the look and feel of your bathroom, without breaking the bank.



* Create a spa experience in the shower — While 50 percent of people think it’s a hassle to change modes while showering, it’s easy to elevate your shower experience. Try replacing your showerhead with the Waterpik EasySelect showerhead. It’s the first handheld showerhead that features a fingertip five-mode selector in the handle.


For more information visit www.Waterpik.com .


Courtesy of ARAcontent

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